The Best name divination ever created in mentalism, has been redesigned for modern performers.

Experience Legion and

don't ever look back!

Available NOW as your personal

Readings Website!

Legion Web has been completely redesigned for 2020 and it's everything that you will need to divine anyone's name, in seconds... 

The best name divination in the mentalism world

counts with these features:

  • Professional Website - Your own personal numerology website. 

  • Know anyone's name in seconds! - Divine over 35000 names in all languages (Pro Access). 

  • Simple to Perform - Perform anywhere, anytime for anyone! Perfect for Stage, Close-Up, Parlour & Preshow purposes.

  • Instant Notifications - Receive all the notifications and results INSTANTLY via email, even before your spectator is done with the website you already know all the information without asking anything. Works with iOS / Android watch, etc...

  • No fishing, or fumbling, no questions - Let's face it, if you're in this year and still asking for letters, personal traits, gender or anything like this, it's complete nonsense and it will look like a weak process of guessing. Legion, in contast, provides a FULL PROCESS, that COMPLETELY SELF-WORKING, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED AT ALL. 

  • Powerful numerology readings - With Legion, you don't need to be an expert in order to provide them of a reading. 

  • Divine their Star Sign! - There is no possible way of failure in the performance as you can divine their zodiac sign at any time with no effort whatsoever or use of ana****s.

  • Compatible with Smart Watches. - Get absolutely all the information for your reveals, sent to your smart watch in less than a second. 

  • Works with PC, Android, iOS. - Participants may access from any device such as a PC, Android device, iPhone, tablets, etc. 

  • English, Spanish, French and German support. - You get the Numerology website (plus all readings) available in these languages - more languages on the roadmap

  • Include it in your own website or social media. - What about posting it in your own social media such as Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram? What about a short  Q & A or Mindreading act based on names and zodiac signs? Possibilities are endless!

A great idea, very simple and direct.

A wonderfully elegant approach! 

-  Marc Paul 


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