Imagine telling your spectator to think of the name

of someone who's really close to them. 


Although it's never written down, the mind reader is able to know it

in seconds, without even seeing - or getting close to - the participant!


Allow your audience to witness direct mindreading at its finest,

and let them remember the experience forever! 


This is Legion by Andreu



* Officially supported Languages:

English, French and Spanish






- Legion can be done for an entire audience (stage)  or over the phone / Skype!


- Subtleties and  approaches.

- Easy to do and very accurate, even with multiple spectators.

- A worker's masterpiece for your arsenal of mind reading. 

- The most real, and direct Name Divination ever written.

- Look no further... 

Legion is the answer.




Format: PDF, 40 Pages

Price : £ 30 Pounds

Legion (Ebook) will be sent to you via Email as soon as payment has been confirmed, specify a Name / Email on Paypal comments.